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Dr. Tim Hughes DC


When I came to Dr.Hughes in April 2011,I had so much back and sciatic pain I couldn't stand up straight,walk or sit.My future looked grim.My pain level was a 10+.Coming 2-3 times a week for 4 week vastly improved my back with only a little pain,In 2 more weeks the pain was 95% gone.There is much to be said about correcting bad posture,strengthening the skeletal structure and getting all the pieces to fit correctly again.after a couple of months I have no pain.

I cannot say enough about the exprience I have had (and continue to have)at Hughes Chiropractic Care.Dr.Hughes and his staff have been so kind,caring and compassionate. Dr. Hughes knowledge of the human body,health and wellness,nutrition,exercise and chiropractic care is so impressive.

I would recommend Dr. Hughes to anyone who has back problems and need to live pain free. His therapy works well,as long as you are willing to commit.--Leslie Clark


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